Anya Damirón
Everything I do has to do with stories. Since 2008 I have published 16 children's stories independently in the Dominican Republic. I love the whole process of creating and producing picture albums. But in addition to writing stories, I also love discovering good books by other authors and I am fortunate to share my collection of foreign stories with hundreds of families through the project, created to promote family reading. I tell stories in shopping malls every weekend, organizing fun family integration activities around stories that are books. In 2018 we opened a story corner open to the public, in one of the most popular shopping centers in Santo Domingo. A space where families can read children's stories for free any day of the week. That same year, I managed to get two of my stories across the pond, being published in several languages ​​by publishers from different continents and now I'm working on the development of an App with which reading will become a game. My life revolves around stories because I think that what happens when a child and an adult share a good album book is unique and magical.

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