Doña Lidia
Artisan products made by women who work in the field with cocoa. The cocoa used to make our products is certified organic by IMO Cert, 100% cocoa and does not have any type of preservatives or chemicals. The available products are the Bitter Cacao Balls that are made with roasted, peeled and crushed beans, they are pure cacao and are used to make hot chocolate, brownies, as used as a substitute for cocoa. There are the Bitter Cocoa Beans that are also roasted and peeled, these can be used to eat them as a snack or as cacao nibs. Finally, the Sugar Cacao Beans that differentiates it from the bitter ones are that they are coated with a light layer of sugar for those who do not like bitter so much, they are the only ones that have something additional to cocoa.

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