Gabriella Reginato
Since childhood she has been between pots and pans, between salt and pepper, between sugar and cinnamon. Her passion for cooking comes in the blood, her mother and great teacher taught her how to convert traditional ingredients into extraordinary dishes. Undoubtedly, Italian is one of her favorite foods, she loves fish and seafood, but dies for a delicious pizza ... although she admits that any dish that tastes delicious, encompasses her palate. In 2002, thanks to Socorro Castellanos, she entered the world of radio communication commenting on wines and pairing in her program "Con los 5 Sentidos." She entered to participate in the program "12 y 2" that is transmitted in the 91.3, in the year 2008, after a comment of a "bad recipe". Thanks to the acceptance of the public, she has stayed every day in the recipe section of the day. She writes the recipe sections for VIP Magazine, Rexpuestas and Creciendo en Familia. Cooking relaxes and entertains her, it is the perfect end to a day full of stress, she is one that says that when cooking is done with passion and love so that the dish tastes delicious, you can have the best ingredients in the world, but if you don't do it with passion and love ... it won't come out.

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