Galletas Napolitanas
Our rich Neapolitan Cookies are born in the deep rural areas of the Dominican Republic, in the 1960s, baked by our great-grandmother Tabita, who for the first time prepared our tasty Neapolitan Cookies in her humble kitchen, without imagining the impact and happiness that they would have in the future. The recipe passed from generation to generation, until it reached his granddaughter, our mother, Vivian, who perfected it; creating the “secret” recipe, adding its own culinary touch and transforming them into the exquisite, 100% Dominican artisan product that we offer today. In 1994, Vivian Bonelly begins to make our tasty cookies, as a little adventure, to sell among her friends in Santiago. Prosperously, with the passage of time, the little adventure grew, gaining acceptance of its consumers and producing happiness among them. Our mother founded the small family business Galletas Napolitanas, involving us, her children, with the vision of bringing that happiness and quality to the rest of the country and beyond. Each of our Neapolitan Cookies is baked with love and family pride to bring you happiness and pleasure. Enjoy!

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