Gordita Fit
Gordita Fit was born at the moment when her founder made peace with being overweight, managed to accept and love herself unconditionally until she made a decision that would change her life completely: bariatric surgery. In 2018, Dayana Rodríguez underwent a gastric sleeve procedure and began looking in the Dominican Republic for tools that will support her process, but could not find them. So she bravely took on the arduous task of creating interdisciplinary solutions that she needed and sharing them with the community so that no one would have to go through the process as “unarmed” as she did. Although initially it was just an Instagram account to share a real process #aquinobulto of definitive release of more than 100 pounds, the opening of the Gordita Fit Support Group and the launch of the Gordita Fit Bariatric Plate were excellently received, helping the brand to position itself in the market as a symbol of quality, trust and unconditional love. Today, its founder, Dayana is certified as a Food Psychology Coach by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Colorado, United States and accompanies dozens of women through different channels and programs to connect with their power personal to recover their lives, in body, mind and soul. We believe that being overweight is a symptom of a greater problem that must be addressed from the platform of love and in an integral way.

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