100% Natural Oregano Oil

100% Natural Oregano Oil.

Uses: Oral - Topical - Infusion.

Ways of use: Preventively: Take 5 drops daily after meals ⠀

For respiratory diseases such as asthma, cough, bronchitis: Take 3 to 5 drops diluted in 15ml of water three times a day. At night, spread 6 to 8 drops on the chest and back. ⠀

To treat nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis or allergies: Take 2 sublingual drops daily, three times a day. To decongest, apply a drop outside the nose. ⠀

For candidiasis: Take 5 drops three times a day. ⠀

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Products made in a completely natural way, without harmful elements for you or the environment. ⠀
By consuming Sierra Organics, you provide your body with ingredients grown in the best way, integrating more organic products into your day to day leads to a healthier lifestyle. ⠀

100% organic oregano oil. Made in Santiago, Dominican Republic. ⠀


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