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Mi Agenda del Éxito is a planning tool to chart and reach your personal and professional goals, through small actions on a daily basis.

It is designed with guides that will allow you to achieve your dreams:
· Wheel of Life Evaluation
· View and create your Dream Map
· Set your goals
· Identify your daily emotions
· Establish personal and work priorities
· Measure each step towards your goals
· Reflect on your decisions on a monthly and daily basis

Mi Agenda del Éxito is based on 12 virtues, described in this manual, that you can identify or develop in you on the path that is happiness, and to celebrate your day achievements a day.

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Company founded in 2015, dedicated to creating experiences of happiness and learning, through consulting services of human management and organizational happiness, as well as lectures, workshops and educational meetings open to the public. They have provided their services to more than 60 companies, happily impacting more than 3,000 professionals in their development, and inserted more than 280 people in the labor market. A work team dedicated to the development and flourishing of human capital in organizations.


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