I Want It All 2019 Planner | Agallúa

$35.00 $18.00

For an organized and empowered 2019. Planner designed by Sarah Méndez, better known as Agallúa on social media. You will find a theme developed every month of the year, backed by specialists and accompanied by suggestions of activities that you can carry out by dates. Agallúa visualizes it as a short and long term planner that will help you manage your monthly finances. A very personalized project where Méndez writes several letters with tools for those who want to go out and "eat" the world. Tax included. Shipping between 3-5 working days.

Sarah Mendez, "a dreamer." With her feet on the ground and the illusions in the sky, she carries her heart in her sleeves as they say. She is a mixture of introverted and extroverted, known as "Agallúa" in social media, but in real life Sarah, is simpler and sometimes shy, has a constant thirst to know, learn and live her life very intensely.


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