'Animal Armonía' Visual Poetry by Taína Almódovar & Angela Hernández

Animal harmony is one of the last books of the Dominican illustrator Taína Almodóvar and the writer National Prize for literature, Ángela Hernández.
It is printed and edited by the Vice Presidency of the Dominican Government and by the Library of Children and Youth Literature of Santo Domingo in a limited edition, with exquisite quality, where the images are displayed in their maximum splendor as a collectible work.

Taína Almodóvar Gil, interprets with her beautiful and vibrant images the poems that Ángela Hernández Núñez builds from her most sensory universe, seem about to take flight or move towards those who read and observe to convey some secret of creation.

Poet and artist achieve that in a handful of pages word and image are based on a melody of all the senses. A certain drunkenness of silence.

You who still have the capacity to be amazed, enter this Animal harmony and open your eyes wide.
Feel, love, evolve.

Shipping in 5-15 working days.

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Taína Almodóvar Gil is a Dominican-Spanish illustrator. Winner of the first place in illustration competitions such as: "Jóvenes Talentos Mahou" in Pinta Malasaña and "Madrid me gusta". Outstanding mention among the 10 best projects at Flic Festival. His work has been exhibited at the MACBA, CCCB, Design Museum (Barcelona), The Conde Duque Cultural Center (Madrid), The Autonomous University of the West (Cali, Colombia), The Altos de Chavón Gallery (Dominican Republic), between others. ZUL, "Un día en la vida de Pichín" and "Animal armonía" are some of the books that the artist has recently illustrated.


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