Barahona Origin Yellow Honey Coffee 12oz

This type of coffee is called honeydew which, after being collected on the farm, the pulp is extracted and dried together with its mucilage, creating through the days a natural honey that gives rise to its name. This coffee stands out for its notes of caramel/dulce de leche, vanilla and ripe fruit similar to peaches. It is a complex coffee, medium bodied and delicious on the palate.

Available ground 12oz.

Shipping in 5-15 business days.




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Poesía Colada is a specialty coffee brand that seeks to change the coffee routine by experience. They are passionate about each stage of the process: from the selection of the best Dominican coffee beans, the development of their flavors and aromas during the roasting, to their commercialization, where they support coffee communities through direct trade and support to the sector Agricultural in different regions of the country.


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