Combo: Color Café Original & Gourmet Coffees 250g

The Original is an intense and tasty coffee. This coffee is produced by hand in the coffee plantations of Barahona, Dominican Republic. The fruit of the coffee plantations is picked and selected manually, then it is roasted to give the final touch to its flavor. It is a 100% Dominican coffee, high quality focused on detail to create an irresistible product on the palate.

Mieludo is a unique coffee, for its ideal sweetness to drink without adding sweeteners. It is a drink with nuances of vanilla and chocolate, pleasant from the first sip impregnated in the mouth its precious flavor. Produced in the mountains of the Sierra de Bahoruco, Barahona region, it is prepared once the fruits have been collected at their optimum ripening point, an artisanal drying process is carried out, which consists of letting the coffee beans permeate in their own natural honey, thus obtaining a sweet taste.

Available whole bean and ground 250g each.

Shipping in 5-15 business days.




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Color Café is a 100% Dominican specialty coffee. The origin of coffee is from Polo, Barahona. Their three types of coffee are: Gourmet Coffee, Original Coffee and Dehydrated Pulp. They give the opportunity to Dominican artists so they can develop their talents, all their designs are the work of local artists to promote local art and creativity.


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