Combo: Despierta + Inteligencia Financiera Books (Spanish Edition)

Despierta + Inteligencia Financiera Combo.
If you've been feeling stuck, in the same place for a while and regardless of your work you do not move forward in your life, if you are looking for something that will shake you to the bone and make you wake up from your dream ... DESPIERTA is for you. A book that will shake your foundations from the most elementary base, which will put you face to face with yourself and help you see what does not work and how to operate what should be working to have a life with meaning. A precise map for those who are ready to step up and become the best version of themselves, no matter what the cost. A must read for those who are willing to evolve, to leave the masses and live an extraordinary life. DESPIERTA!

Inteligencia Financiera is ideal for you if at some point you have gone through some of the following situations:
• You have an income, but you do not know how to manage it, and much less how to multiply it.
• You have made a budget but you have not been faithful to keep it, and you do not know how your money is going.
• You have debts and you do not know how to get out of them.
• You would like to have more control over your finances, but you do not know how to start and maintain yourself.
• You want to learn to build the bases to generate wealth, prosperity and financial health.

By Juan Carlos Rodríguez (@inviertenti) & Aura Cruz (@aurarod).

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A non-traditional Dominican business school that focuses on developing entrepreneurs through three main topics: financial intelligence, entrepreneurship and leadership. They seek to transform lives through a coherent education. They have the objective of equipping anyone who wishes to embark on the journey towards the conquest of their own potential.

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