Desarrolla tu Marca Book (Spanish Edition) by Yansuri Suriel & Cesar Luciano


Connecting with your audience is no longer an option, it is the solution to differentiate yourself from the rest and create a memorable brand.

Generating a sense of belonging with your audience or customers is perhaps one of the most complex and intentionally sought after actions by brands. It's not just about building a brand, it's also about developing it over time.

A brand is relevant when it offers a unique image, transmits unmistakable values ​​and generates an emotional bond with its client and / or community. Develop your brand is a book where you will find the answers to all your questions, the strategies and tools necessary to monetize your passion and your business.


Creative since 2011, lover of social networks, trends and content creation. Expert in the construction and positioning of Brand. Author, Creative Director, Speaker and Content Creator. Director of Digital Marketing at Seener-G Business School where she also develops people through workshops, talks and conferences in the area, inspiring and promoting her projects on digital platforms.


Passionate about life, likes the idea that he can change the world through his actions. Champion of personal growth and strong believer that before you position your brand, you must position yourself. Author, lecturer and coach in business, brand development, and emotional intelligence. I have developed in the areas of Project Engineering, Marketing, Manufacturing, Human Resources and Learning & Development.

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A non-traditional Dominican business school that focuses on developing entrepreneurs through three main topics: financial intelligence, entrepreneurship and leadership. They seek to transform lives through a coherent education. They have the objective of equipping anyone who wishes to embark on the journey towards the conquest of their own potential.


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