DO Mayor: A story told between my lyrics and their chords by Angela Suazo

A book of poems that welcomes a story in verses and silences. A fable told and sung by a chorus of voices that whispered words of love. A coffee that turned into wine and the miracle was done. These are the footprints of a minotaur who sowed magic and doubt to its author. He dragged her to the well of the muses to throw the coin, and ask for the cross.

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Angela Suazo, is a woman, mother, daughter. Seeker. Hunter of songs and stories. Passionate reader. Writer out of obligation.

Manager of the Te Reto A Leer Foundation, created with the aim of encouraging reading in our country. It has also created a weekly broadcast One Page at a Time, a radio and virtual space that promotes literature. Member of the Vocal and Consonant Workshop, Pata de Cabra Workshop and Tertulia Urbana.


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