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All Gifinas brand scarves are inspired by faceless dolls, a symbol of Dominican crafts and culture. We have transformed a product that was merely handmade, into fashion pieces.
Each of the Gifinas scarves has been manufactured in Spain, with top quality materials, which do not cause harm to the environment; we are a sustainable brand.

Our pieces, although they are timeless products, that is, they are designed for you to use them at any time of the year.

Description of the handkerchiefs: Made of semi-silk
Dimensions: 70x70cms

Some suggestions for use for the dimensions of this scarf: on your head, tied to your bag, knotted around your neck or as a belt.

Ships in 3-7 business days.

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Gifinas, is a multicultural fashion brand for women; which was born out of a woman's passion for art and culture. The artist has captivated the world of fashion with her Dominican roots; choosing the handmade Dominican faceless dolls, as an inspiring element of all her pieces. Her designs are a joint effort of freshness and originality that go hand in hand with cultural diversity, human and personal values.


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