El Error de no Hablar by Jenchy Suero (Spanish Edition)

"El Error de no Hablar" seeks to encourage, highlight the importance of dialogue and conversation in family, couples, children, friends; but above all cultivate good relationships among all humans, no matter creed, color, race or aspirations. This publication also seeks to create the necessary awareness of how important it is, to have as an alternative these tools as a lifestyle and how fundamental it is to overcome obstacles, resolve conflicts in the environment and develop a harmonious coexistence between people.

In the "El Error de no Hablar" we instruct the reader, about the advantages of oral communication and the prudence in the use of it, as well as the inconveniences that occur when not having control and care in it; also the problems that cause in the human being when it is decided to speak what interests him, as well as not to speak anything; therefore, do not foster any interpersonal relationship. Dialogue is to communicate feelings, emotions and opinions, this is beneficial; is to be able to open without fear, is to show how you are.

Listening is trying to understand the other, without judging, neglecting or disqualifying him, if not to find out what is happening to him, how he feels and how you can help him, and of course, this manifests a good understanding and true communication.

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Jesús Antonio Suero Castillo (Jenchy Suero), was born in San Juan de la Maguana, university professor, communicator, economist and lawyer. From an early age he lived with his family in the city of Jarabacoa where he began his insertion in politics, music and communication to which he has dedicated much of the years.

He has directed various professional and organizational entities of the society such as: Federation of Dominican Students (Vice President FED), Dominican College of Economists (Vice President CODECO), the Circle of Dominican Broadcasters (President in two CLD periods), among other professional, cultural organizations, trade unions etc. Jenchy Suero, conducts and produces the television program: "Primera Hora" and conducts "Social Panorama, both every day from Monday to Friday on television in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.


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