Ernesto Visits Valle Nuevo (Children's Book)

Ernesto Visits Valle Nuevo is one of the stories in the series "Meet and take care of your country with Ernesto Visit" which are written by the teacher and author María Teresa Pérez. These children stories have as main objective to promote getting to know the country, the conservation and care of the environment, knowledge of Dominican culture, the development of literature and encourage families to know everything that our country has through the reading of children's stories.

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Teacher María Teresa Pérez Pagán, teacher for 20 years, graduated from Initial Education (Unibe), master's degree in Educational Leadership in the United States, coordinator of ecotourism programs. Maria Teresa Perez created the project Meet And Take Care of Your Country with Ernesto Visita and became the author of the first saga of children's stories about ecotourism in the Dominican Republic.

Ernesto Visita's stories belong to the Editorial Teacher María Teresa Pérez Pagán, S.R.L. Institution whose main objective is to promote knowledge and care of geography, culture, flora, fauna, gastronomy, contribution to communities, know the country, travel as a family, encourage reading, develop national identity, take care of the environment, create Contribution entities for our society and the world.


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