Espacios Vitales: A holistic look for a life in harmony (Spanish Book)

A powerful tool for anyone interested in a transformation or improvement in any area of ​​their life. Identify, detail and explain step by step the 12 areas in which the human being interacts with others and with himself. It helps to identify the current state of the person and how to evolve it through practical tools until reaching the desired state, seeking personal fulfillment and a state of sustainable fulfillment. Each chapter is enriched with contributions from other expert authors to examine each area with greater zeal according to the different points of view, reaffirming the importance of the holistic vision described in the work by the author and Coach. At the same time, complementing with downloadable resources of the website that allow the reader to take immediate action. Shipping in 7-14 working days.

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Occupational Psychologist at Universidad Católica de Santo Domingo (UCSD). Certified Life and Leadership Coach by International Life & Leadership Coaching, Academy® (ILC Academy) endorsed by the International Association of Coaching® (IAC) and Coaching Masteries®.

More than 16 years of experience in the labor market and human integral management. Accompaniment applied to people in a personal and professional approach. Accelerated Dynamic Learning Facilitator (ADA) Kriterion ~ Dynamics

Participant of the Executive Development Program (PDE) of BARNA Management School. Bilingual profile by the Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano (ICDA). Author A90D and Leader by Design.


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