Inteligencia Financiera: Learn to Retain and Multiply Money (Spanish Edition) | Aura Cruz


This book is ideal for you if at some point you have gone through some of the following situations:
• You have an income, but you do not know how to manage it, and much less how to multiply it.
• You have made a budget but you have not been faithful to keep it, and you do not know how your money is going.
• You have debts and you do not know how to get out of them.
• You would like to have more control over your finances, but you do not know how to start and maintain yourself.
• You want to learn to build the bases to generate wealth, prosperity and financial health.

By Aura Cruz (@aurarod).

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A non-traditional Dominican business school that focuses on developing entrepreneurs through three main topics: financial intelligence, entrepreneurship and leadership. They seek to transform lives through a coherent education. They have the objective of equipping anyone who wishes to embark on the journey towards the conquest of their own potential.


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