Fracasando Hacia El Éxito | Invierte en Ti & Enrique Canela (Spanish Edition)


FRACASANDO HACIA EL ÉXITO (FAILING TOWARDS SUCCESS) is a masterpiece about failure and how we can ally ourselves with it.

It is failing that success is achieved. I did not know and was unsuccessful in what I wanted because I was afraid of failing, afraid of being mocked, to be mocked and I was terrified of the "I told you so phrase and so I passed on many dreams.

Over time I learned that when I lose I gain experience and that with it I can move more clearly towards success.

This book has a secret inside, that only those who dare to find it can take advantage of it.

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A non-traditional Dominican business school that focuses on developing entrepreneurs through three main topics: financial intelligence, entrepreneurship and leadership. They seek to transform lives through a coherent education. They have the objective of equipping anyone who wishes to embark on the journey towards the conquest of their own potential.


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