Guaraguanó Traditional Family Pack 22oz


Guaraguanó Traditional Family Pack 100% natural, gluten free, suitable for coeliacs and rich in fiber. This is the classic and original Dominican cassava but with ideal size to share it with the family. The icon of all cassava categories. This product maintains the same form of production that our ancestors used. Until today it is still the traditional best-selling casabe nationally and internationally. The characteristics are unique, since the textures, color, taste and freshness make this product the perfect choice to taste the best Dominican casabe. Tax included. Shipping in 14-20 working days.

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The Guaraguano Cassava Bread is a quality food product, whose production and consumption dates back to indigenous times. The indigenous people utilized the yucca to make casaba and consume it as their primary source of food. Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492, the aborigines were experts cultivating cassava and making cassava bread. The cassava bread industry has gradually developed and today the cassava bread has become a popular dish both at home and abroad.


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