Mama Bear, Why Am I Different? Spanish Book

In a meadow of brown bears lives a small black bear called Elijah, which they are quick to point out for being different. Upset, Elijah questions Mama Bear about the reason why he is not equal to the rest. Mama Bear, does not hesitate to tell you about his origin and explains that not all mothers carry their children in the belly, but sometimes children are born from the heart. Shipping in 14-20 working days.

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Yina Guerrero, Dominican author, lived surrounded by mountains in the city of La Vega. In 2008, she moved for a few months to Madrid, Spain, to take an official master's degree in advertising at Antonio de Nebrija University.
When she was a child she loved to draw, she also wrote a lot, and discovered that she was a storyteller. Over the years, she understood that she could never stop writing because of its therapeutic results. In 2018, she published her book "Mama Bear, why am I different?". She always loved the radio, but was afraid of the microphone. So, to face her fears, she visits the Madre Paso a Paso radio program every Friday, where she reviews children's books in the Cuéntame un Cuento section.


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