Nothing is Impossible. Conquer It!: You are doomed to success. (Spanish Edition)

You can achieve the impossible! The greatest struggle of both men and women to achieve their goals is the fear of the unknown. Fear of those things you believe are impossible to achieve. All at some point we have been paralyzed against what we consider humanly impossible. But there is good news for you, and that is that Nothing is Impossible! In this book Pastor Carlos León tells part of his history and experiences that during his years of professional career, a life dedicated to the service of God and to the pastoral ministry helped him to forge his character. Through this work he provides practical tools to overcome fear of the unknown. "Overcoming Fear", "Knocking Down the Giant", "Unbreakable Faith" and "Make It Happen" are just some of the topics you will find and with which your faith will undoubtedly be strengthened. If you are a person who faces great challenges in your different roles and feels uncertainty about the future, this book is for you. Use this resource and from today start to live a life of victory because Nothing is Impossible, Conquer It!

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Businessman and a visionary entrepreneur, dreamer and creative, always with innovating ideas. Publicist, Theologian and NeuroCoach, certified by Integral Coaching. Focuses his message on the spiritual healing and emotional and family recovery of the individual through the Word of God. Husband of Nina León, her faithful partner with whom shepherds "Global International Church", a church focused on the restoration of families. Based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


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