Remi The Lost Manatee (Children's Book) | Mi Mar Maravilloso

Join Remi on her epic journey as she ventures out into the sea, faces grave danger, discovers wonderful new places and meets Bela the blue tang and Pico the parrotfish - her new best friends. Inspired by a true story, Remi The Lost Manatee tells the tale of a young manatee who learns some of life’s lessons the hard way.

Curious and adventurous Remi discovers the world beyond her beloved riverbed and the dangers that threaten all manatees.

Writer: Lise Ménard
Illustrator: Vector Family
Dimensions: 10 "x 10"
Hard cover
Age: 7 and up
Language: Available in Spanish and English

Your purchase of this book helps support our coral restoration efforts and the educational mission of FUNDEMAR- an organization dedicated to promoting the sustainable use of marine ecosystems and coastal resources in the Dominican Republic and RAD - a foundation dedicated to educating children about marine life.

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I seek to tell the story of the sea through a series of children's stories full of adorable and memorable characters that motivate the new generation to fall in love with the sea. In order to teach and inspire children to become the future guardians of our oceans and marine life, the books have a scientific section at the end filled with real photos and real facts about the characters in the story and the real animals that represent.

Set in the Dominican Republic, the tales are unique in that they represent very realistically the endemic marine species of the country. I believe that the environmental education of children is essential for the sustainable development of the future of the country. In the end, you only love what you know and you can only learn what you love! If only one child falls in love with the sea because of my book, I will have made a difference.


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