Sabiamente Feliz: Una herramienta para desarrollar habilidades que te permitan elevar tus niveles de felicidad (Spanish Edition)

Sabiamente Feliz is a tool designed with a lot of love so that you know yourself better and develop essential skills to make you responsible for your own happiness, raising your levels of fullness, self-realization and satisfaction. By performing the practices you will find here, you can cultivate a new way of seeing and living life, positively impacting your mental, emotional and physical well-being, taking into account that your happiness is your perception.

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Company founded in 2015, dedicated to creating experiences of happiness and learning, through consulting services of human management and organizational happiness, as well as lectures, workshops and educational meetings open to the public. They have provided their services to more than 60 companies, happily impacting more than 3,000 professionals in their development, and inserted more than 280 people in the labor market. A work team dedicated to the development and flourishing of human capital in organizations.


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