The largest tree in the world (Spanish Edition Children's Book) by Aída Magallanes

Author: Aída Magallanes
Illustrator: Omar Aranda

A tree that has not been sold in a store for a long time is discovered by Clara and Daniel, two children who want to take it home on the eve of Christmas Eve. And although only one could do it, this does not prevent both from enjoying it and accompanying you on an adventure that will break the height record.

Sensations such as fear, surprise and frustration, are opposed to the values ​​of kindness, self-reflection, perseverance and friendship, thus ratifying the harmonious atmosphere that characterizes Christmas.

Fantastic story for families and reading children from the age of five.

Shipping in 5-10 business days.

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My name is Aída Magallanes Acosta (AMA). I am Venezuelan, mother and wife of my Dominican life partners. Here in RD I began to publish my texts through personal blogs now with the edition of my first illustrated story: The largest tree in the world.

Writing is my passion. A hobby that became a profession (Lic. Social Communication, Master in Corporate Communication) and a trade with a Diploma in Contemporary Narrative, plus ongoing courses in literary art. I keep writing a variety of genres, a personal and ideal complement on a daily basis.


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