“Viviendo con Propósito” 2022 Kit | Doris Guzmán

More than an agenda, "Living with Purpose" is a resource that seeks to help you in your spiritual growth and relationship with God. It contains tools designed to make her your best ally in a life under God's purpose.

This third edition of the collection is characterized by its unique and delicate design, with new spaces that take you step by step in your spiritual growth and the preservation of favorite spaces from past editions.

It contains: a plan to read the Bible in one year, 48 challenges to meet during the year, reflection exercises, prayer journal, financial control, space for devotional notes, monthly goal track, space for goals for the year and the month, annual agenda, reflections, 12 letters with purpose, spaces for monthly reports and much more.

In addition, by acquiring it you become part of a great community of more than a thousand women from different parts of the world, who together travel this path and encourage each other in their relationship with God. Multiple benefits accompany this private community, from exclusive monthly community dynamics, to ebooks, free resources, discounts and daily monitoring.

Shipping from December 2021.

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Doris Guzmán is a communicator, life and spiritual coach and ministerial leader. Her mission is to accompany people to heal, grow spiritually and live with true purpose. That is why she created the "Viviendo con propósito" Agenda. It has been designed to help people live with true purpose according to God's plan, through coaching, wellness and spiritual growth tools.


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