Why does granny forget things? A trip to the brain by Julissa Cruz

The Dominican doctor living in the Netherlands, Julissa Cruz creates Why does grandmother forget things ?, an illustrated story about memory loss published by Caligrama editorial.

Julissa Cruz writes a journey to the brain in the form of a story for the little ones, which is completed with an educational guide, endorsed by the WHO and the Alzheimer's Association, for parents and guardians, which includes concepts about dementia and its impact worldwide . "This work was conceived from my heart because of my mother's cognitive problems and when I saw how they affected her granddaughter's understanding," says Cruz.

The author starts from an emotional experience and creates a colorful and joyful work, in which she talks about the innocence of childhood and the fragility of the elderly. The girl Alyssa and the boy Nanin will undertake a journey through the brain of their grandmother, Mamina, who has long struggled with her memory. The play allows us to learn through funny characters how the experience of family love can help face this neurological disorder that affects more than 35 million people in the world, while portraying the signs and elements of Caribbean cultural identity. The text is accompanied by illustrations by Gustavo Desimone.

Julissa Cruz's gaze captures in a lucid and intelligent way a subject surrounded by enormous concern, and she answers difficult questions in a masterful and direct way. The author uses simple and everyday language, with witty dialogues capable of including perfectly understandable scientific terms.

The book has earned the Talent seal. And he is competing for the talent, best seller and promise of Caligrama awards. The book has been recommended to be deposited as a “resource” for the Global Dementia Observatory (GDO) Knowledge Exchange platform of the world health organization.

Notes on the author: Julissa Cruz Gómez was born in the Dominican Republic. She is a doctor and lives and practices in the Netherlands. Since she was a child she showed a special interest in matters of a social nature. After his personal experience and his medical research, he publishes his first book: Why does grandma forget things?

To learn more about the book and see its reviews: www.julissacruz.com

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Julissa Cruz Gómez is a Dominican doctor who lives and practices in the Netherlands. Since she was a child she showed a special interest in matters of a social nature. At the age of fourteen and along with other young people, he was part of several youth groups in Santo Domingo, his hometown. In 2015, together with other colleagues in the Netherlands, he founded an association of foreign doctors with the hope and goal of making the registration process as a doctor in Holland easier.

In 2017, he fulfilled one of his many dreams: to take with him a medical mission to the Dominican Republic with the purpose of improving the health of Dominican children! He loves the universe and the stars, history, art and the cello. He fully enjoys reading, writing, traveling, hiking, and all those little things in life.


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