Cacao Mae Nibs 8oz


The best crunchy cocoa nibs you will taste. Our Cocoa Nibs are made from Certified Organic cocoa beans grown by the National Confederation of Cocoa Farmers of the Dominican Republic, one of the main exporters of high quality cocoa in the world.

Cocoa Nibs are bits of fermented, dried, roasted and crushed cocoa beans. They are the less processed version of chocolate with no unhealthy additives, so they preserve all the nutrients of the natural cocoa beans.

Why integrate cocoa nibs to your diet?

*It is one of the highest sources of antioxidants

* Have Anti-cancer properties

* Huge amount of fiber in just 1 ounce of cocoa nibs, which help to lower blood cholesterol.

* One on the best dietary sources of magnesium, a key mineral involving blood pressure regulation.

* Balance the brain chemistry and help to improve mood and the sense of alertness and well-being.

How to use: Add cocoa nibs to smoothies, granola, yogurt, as a topping on desserts, in baking or even just as snack.

All our products are made from cocoa beans that are cut by hand from the tree.

Cocoa Mae™ es puro polvo cacao orgánico, cacao nibs, manteca de cacao y masa de cacao. Todos producidos por cacao con Certificaciones Orgánicas. Nosotros trabajamos mano a mano con pequeños y medianos campesinos del cacao, con el objetivo de aumentar la productividad y la calidad de vida de estos campesinos.


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